Erasmus program



You can study in Europe for a few months, with a scholarship, through the ERASMUS Program, in which we are involved - code 230843-IC-1-2007--1 EN.

The European Erasmus student mobility program offers this possibility. Moreover, research shows that those who participated in this program have significantly increased their chances of finding a more attractive and better paid job.
Founded 20 years ago, Erasmus promotes cooperation between European universities. The theoretical exchanges have access, in theory, to all higher education institutions in the participating countries, as well as to all disciplines and university levels. We have only 50 universities involved in the program.
As an Erasmus student, you receive a scholarship that covers only part of your accommodation and living costs. Instead, you are exempt from tuition. In general, the scholarship offered to Romanian students is around 350 euros per month, too small to pay more than the rent in the developed countries of the European Union. That's why you have to buy your own pocket money, books or fun money.
All the courses you take abroad should be automatically recognized when you return to the country, at the university where you are enrolled. However, it is good to be interested in how the transferable credit system (equivalence of exams and student preparation) works at your university before leaving for Europe, so that you do not have problems returning.
However, you can enjoy the fact that you will have the opportunity to learn a foreign language both in class and by participating in special courses, organized in Romania or in the country where you are going to leave.
If you want to participate in an Erasmus program, you must meet some basic conditions: to have Romanian citizenship, to be a student at a higher education institution, either undergraduate, master's or doctoral, to have completed at least the first year of study at university. Also, in order to participate in the European student mobility program, you must not have benefited before another Erasmus internship and pass a foreign language test. Before submitting your application file, make sure that you have good teaching results, that you have a consistent curriculum vitae and that you can present a letter of intent, explaining why you want this internship and how you will use the information you acquire in Europe.

ERASMUS Plus is the European Union's education, training, youth and sports program for 2014-2020. (More information on Romania's budget for 2015 can be found at

ERASMUS Plus offers many learning opportunities in all sectors of education, including higher education.

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) provides the European framework for international university collaboration in the Erasmus Plus program. (More information is available on the Executive Agency's website…).

Erasmus Plus experiences give students a better perspective on what it means to be a European citizen. In addition, employers appreciate such experiences abroad, which increases the chances of employing students in future professional careers.