Research Center

The research activity at Athenaeum University is carried out according to the strategic documents and annual plans approved by the University Senate.

Funding of the scientific research activity is provided from own funds or attracted by winning contracts with the business environment and projects funded from public or European funds.

Research education is conceived as a modern method of teaching - learning and assimilating new knowledge, through which we complete and increase the efficiency of education. In this teaching practice we offer students the opportunity to learn through discovery, through the intensification of dialogue and oral communication, through interactive education, through their own investigations, through the elaboration of individual papers, essays, other works.

In the university, teachers and students carry out a laborious scientific activity, coordinated by the Scientific Research Centre of the "Athenaeum" University. The results of this activity can be found in published papers.

The Scientific Research Centre of the "Athenaeum" University of Bucharest is certified by ANCS Decision no. 9692 / 04.07.2008.

The Scientific Research Centre is established as a fundamental and applied research structure, aiming to develop multidisciplinary research in fields such as:

• economic-financial analysis, analysis and evaluation of human capital, diagnosis and company strategy;

• international accounting, epistemology and accounting theory, accounting and management control, audit, corporate governance;

• management informatics, decision support IT systems, database management systems; e-learning, e-commerce;/p>

• business law, commercial contracts.