Athenaeum University of Bucharest was founded in 1990 as a private non-profit higher education institution and became a legal entity of private law and public utility, part of the National Education System, by Law 135/24 May 2005.

Throughout the development of its activity, marked by its 31 years of existence, the entire attention of the University management was focused on the content of education, on ensuring the dimension and structure of knowledge always in accordance with the educational supply-demand equation, itself in permanent dynamics within the domestic, European and international space. 

The didactic and research activity of the University "Athenaeum" is organized in the Bologna paradigm, the study programs comprising the 2 cycles, Bachelor and Master. To this end, the following are considered: the promotion of European cooperation in the field of quality assurance of education; transparency and compatibility of studies completed in Romanian universities, in relation to those offered by the member states of the European Union; generalization of the application of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS); adopting measures to facilitate the mobility of students and teaching staff.

Together with my distinguished colleagues in the faculty, I have tried to offer students concerned with economics and administration high quality education and performance, based on humanistic traditions and democratic values, on preservation of our national identity and achievement of the aspirations of Romanian society.
The university carries out various activities in order to promote its image and to make its achievements known.
All its actions, undertakings and events demonstrate the wide opening to the world of the "Athenaeum" University, the desire to collaborate on multiple levels, within the European and international field of education.

Prof. univ. PhD. EMILIA VASILE